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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Locking Your Keys in the Car January 11, 2019

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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Locking Your Keys in the Car, Terryville, New York

It can be very frustrating when you realize you have locked your keys inside your car. In addition to interfering with the rest of your day, being locked out can be a security risk, since your keys may be visible to people passing by. Fortunately, you can prevent lockouts by taking a few steps. Here are some ways to avoid this situation and how a locksmith can help. 

How to Never Lock Keys in Your Car Again

1. Create a Home for Your Keys

Oftentimes, issues with lost and locked-in keys occur because people don’t have an established routine for removing their keys and putting them in a specified place. To avoid this issue, try to create a special place in your home for your keys to go, whether it’s a hook, a bowl, or a ledge in your entryway. 

2. Have Multiple Copies of Your Keys 

locksmithIf you don’t already have multiple copies of your car keys handy, have a locksmith create additional keys, so you always have another way into your car to retrieve the stuck set. Keep in mind that many modern automotive keys contain a microchip that connects to an internal fob, so you may need the original key for the locksmith to make a proper copy.  

3. Use a Lanyard

If you find yourself leaving your keys in the car because you have run out of hands to carry items, use a lanyard. These single-ribbon necklace devices make it easy to remove your keys from the ignition and put them around your neck, so you’ll never misplace them. 


Whether you need help making key copies or you need emergency lockout services, the team at Competition Locksmith can help. Based out of Suffolk County, NY, this trusted locksmith has been helping home and business owners with everything from key creation to lockouts since 2003. Find out more about their services by visiting their website, or give them a call at (631) 807-1366 to learn more. 

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