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3 Mistakes Businesses Make When Installing Security Cameras January 10, 2019

Owen Brown, Savage
3 Mistakes Businesses Make When Installing Security Cameras, Savage, Maryland

Security cameras are a smart investment if you’re a business owner, but to truly get the most from them, they need to be positioned strategically. Many businesses make the mistake of placing them randomly in areas with limited views which makes it easy for burglars to bypass them. You need to create a comprehensive plan before installation, so here are a few key tips to follow for complete coverage from your surveillance system.

What to Avoid When Installing Security Cameras

1. Placing Them Too High or Too Low

Higher isn’t always better when it comes to security camera positioning. While you want to ensure it’s not low enough for a burglar to knock down, putting it too high may provide a limited viewing range and decrease the video quality. The best way to find the right height is to do tests with the camera in hand, so have someone climb a ladder and move it around to different points while you monitor them on the screen.

2. Forgetting Obstructions

security-cameras-acc-telecom Security cameras are best placed in areas where burglars can gain entry out of public view. There may be obstructions present, so you need to assess how they’ll impact your camera’s viewing range. Foliage is a common issue and may need to be trimmed regularly or removed. Also, pay attention to the sun. If it shines directly on the lens, it may cause glare and render the camera useless.

3. Not Going With the Professionals

Installing security cameras may seem like a DIY job, but when it comes to your building’s protection, it’s always wise to turn to the professionals. They have extensive experience with camera placement and will do a comprehensive sweep of your building to find the most strategic points. They’ll also do a superior job of installing them, minimizing the risk of failure and amount of cleanup work needed.


ACC Telecom is proud to be a leading provider or security cameras and telecom services for clients throughout Maryland. Their skilled team will ensure you have an optimized security plan and can provide your business with telecommunications equipment, phone systems, and more. Call (410) 995-0101 to schedule a consultation and visit their website for a full breakdown of their services. You can also connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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