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5 Ways to Be Ready for Car Towing January 10, 2019

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5 Ways to Be Ready for Car Towing, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Whether you have broken down and require 24-hour towing, or you need to move a vehicle that is not drivable to another location, being prepared for the tow truck’s arrival is vital. The proper steps will ensure your car gets where it needs to go without any trouble and that your personal property is protected. Here are a few points to remember.

How to Prepare for Towing

1. Stay Safe

Pull over as far as you can to ensure your vehicle is safely out of traffic. Turn the hazard lights on so other drivers know you cannot move the car, and you are waiting for help. Stay inside until the tow truck arrives, especially on busy roads. When the 24-hour towing company gets to you, move to a safe spot and let them prepare your car.

2. Call a Reputable Towing Company

Research towing companies before settling on the first one you find. Low cost does not always mean top service, and you want to ensure you and your vehicle are safe during transport. Your car insurance will usually refer you to reputable towing services in your area.

3. Remove Personal Items

24-hour towingAlways remove any personal, items such as purses, wallets, and phones, from the car before it is set on the tow truck. Your belongings will not be covered if they are lost during roadside assistance.

4. Photograph Your Car

Snap a few pictures of your car before the towing service gets to you so you have a record of your vehicle’s condition prior to roadside assistance. A quality towing company will take good care of your car, but just in case damage occurs, you have photos to back up your claim.

5. Release the Emergency Brake

The wheels need to spin during the tow, especially for hitches. If the parking brake is on, the tires will drag and cause damage to your car. Release the brake to make it easier to set up and transport your vehicle.


For safe, reliable 24-hour towing in the Fairbanks, AK area, call Ron’s Service & Towing. Since 1963, their roadside assistance services have been the top choice for residents, especially when winter weather interferes with travel. The company is referred by top companies, such as Geico®, State Farm®, AAA®, and Allstate®, and their excellence in customer care means a stress-free towing experience.  When you need a tow truck, call (907) 456-4224 or visit them online for more on their 24-hour towing options.

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