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Does Your Business Have a Wireless Backup for Your Internet Connection? January 10, 2019

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Does Your Business Have a Wireless Backup for Your Internet Connection?, Oceanside-Escondido, California

An internet outage can be disastrous for your business operations, especially if you rely on it for processing credit cards or communicating with customers. As robust as your landline connection might be, a serious storm or simple employee error can potentially costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales and ruined customer relationships. A wireless backup failover can provide peace of mind and the ability to keep going when your primary connection goes down.

Why Every Business Needs a Wireless Backup Internet Connection

wireless backupThese days, even small businesses may work with customers, employees, and contractors from around the world. Even local retail establishments depend on high-speed internet access to take payments, and many use VoIP phone systems that require constant connectivity. If your fiber or cable internet service goes out, you might have to essentially shut down until your service is restored.

How Wireless Backups Work

Wireless backup systems monitor the activity level of your normal internet connection, ready to automatically take over if it detects a service disruption. When your normal internet connection is restored, the wireless failover shuts itself off without any intervention from you or your staff.

The Benefits of Wireless Failovers

Because they use the same LTE networks as cell phone providers, wireless backups won’t be affected by whatever caused your internet to go down. Wireless failovers are especially critical for businesses that use network-based credit card processing or employ Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track products and inventory.


A strong, reliable internet connection is an absolute necessity in the modern world, which is why MACH Networks in Carlsbad, CA, dedicates themselves to providing the best equipment and services available to companies across the nation. From fully managed LTE solutions to wireless backups, their experienced professionals offer everything you need to keep your business running. Visit their website for more on their wireless backup services, get news and updates on Twitter, or call (866) 972-7677 to discuss your needs and options.

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