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3 Reasons to Work With a Professional for a Semi Repair January 10, 2019

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3 Reasons to Work With a Professional for a Semi Repair, Fairbanks, Alaska

As big and powerful as semi-trucks are, they break down just like smaller vehicles. When one begins to malfunction and needs a repair or a new truck part, it’s wise to work with a skilled auto mechanic to avoid a future accident or business inefficiencies. Here’s why it’s important to hire a professional for the job. 

Why You Need a Professional for a Semi Repair

1. Save Time

Semi-trucks are often called the backbone of the country’s economy due to their hard work transporting goods across different states and cities. Even small delays can eat into the profit margins of suppliers, making time of the essence. By working with a licensed mechanic, you’ll have your semi-truck back on the road much faster. Using their advanced know-how, mechanics will spot the problem sooner, or leverage their professional operation to secure a replacement truck part immediately. 

2. Avoid More Breakdowns

truck partWhen you go in for a repair or a new truck part, you want assurance that the rest of your stops along the route will be to drop off goods — not visiting more repair shops. Due to their extensive training, you can have peace of mind that professional mechanics will do the job right the first time. An amateur may temporarily patch up the problem, but it’s more likely to cause an issue again in the future. That additional work will hurt the transportation company’s bottom line with increased repair costs and more delays. 

3. Pass Inspections

When you operate a commercial vehicle, you’re subject to an increasing amount of regulations and inspections. In the United States, commercial trucks are inspected at least once per year. If the vehicle doesn’t pass, it can be put out of commission temporarily, limiting the company’s distribution options. A failed inspection can also result in fines. A licensed mechanic will have a checklist of the current standards and the necessary experience to improve your truck’s chances of passing an inspection. 


If your semi-truck isn’t running efficiently or if you’re in need of a new truck part, reach out to the respected specialists at Power & Transmission in Fairbanks, AK. In business since 1972, the family-owned and operated auto maintenance shop doubles as a truck parts dealer, so they’re able to quickly troubleshoot issues and replace faulty parts. To receive a free estimate, call (907) 456-2230 or send a message through the shop’s website

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