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Cloud Based Interfaces, Storage and Visualizations July 8, 2015

West Bountiful, Davis
Cloud Based Interfaces, Storage and Visualizations , West Bountiful, Utah

JG Portal delivers 3 core areas of service for your business. Web-based interfaces accessible anywhere, advanced reporting and data visualisations and a secure, cloud based storage portal.

Cloud based storage delivers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for your business. In an era where the business world is a global market of competition, you need the fastest and most reliable data storage out there. To meet your client’s requirements, you need ensure your business has the architecture behind it to offer instant, ongoing and straightforward support. This can be done with a synchronised cloud platform; this is what JG Portal can offer you!

Cloud based storage is not only about speed and efficiency, it’s also a matter of essential security. It offers the ability to work remotely, secure your data on the cloud and sync it to any device you want. This avoids the risk of ‘loose ends’ and sensitive data being left on individual computers elsewhere off-site. Cloud based storage will save you time and money, and gives you peace of mind.

JG Portal is here to work with you to build an online interface that meets your companies’ needs specifically. Visit https://jgportal.com today to receive your free, live demo and talk to a specialist about how we can help you to reach your business goals! 

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