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The 5 Best Ways to Motivate Your Teen for the SAT or ACT January 16, 2019

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The 5 Best Ways to Motivate Your Teen for the SAT or ACT, Alpharetta, Georgia

In order to excel on the SAT or ACT, a student needs to be personally motivated. The dedicated work and preparation required to succeed on these tests are too intensive for those not willing to maximize their score. If your teen seems indifferent about their performance, you may need to step in to help boost their enthusiasm. Try using the following methods of encouragement with your child.

How to Motivate Your Student for the SAT or ACT

1. Entice Them With Their Dream School

Once your child has chosen their dream school, they’ll need to apply themselves in order to make it. Look up the average SAT and ACT scores of admitted students at their school of choice. Remind them that achieving these scores, or even surpassing them, will increase their chances of acceptance. Through hard work and practice, they can make their dream a reality.

2. Remind Them of Financial Benefits

Depending on their dream school, tuition can be expensive. You may not be able to completely cover the costs of attendance. In these situations, merit and guaranteed scholarships offer some much-needed financial aid. With the scholarships your child could earn from a great score on the big test, they may not have to worry about student loans and debt later on, and they’ll feel a powerful sense of personal accomplishment.

3. Be Attentive, But Not Bossy

SATOne of the most common mistakes parents make is commanding their kids to study with no room for conversation. Students should be taking these tests because they wish to succeed, not because their parents instructed them to. Ask your child what they really want for their future, and help them understand why doing well on the SAT or ACT will bring them closer to those goals. Students with personal motivations are far more likely to achieve better scores.

4. Get Them the Help They Need

Many students feel overwhelmed by the time and energy commitments the SAT and ACT require. With guidance and the right resources, these standardized tests won’t seem so intimidating. Enroll your child in a prep course to put them on the right track. Professional assistance from highly trained tutors will effectively prepare them for test day.

5. Stay Interested & Involved

If you remain involved in your child’s learning from the beginning, they’ll be less likely to lose motivation. Move beyond the standard, “How was your day?” and ask questions that demonstrate your interest in their achievements. Continue to encourage them all the way to the big test day.


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