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How Does Attic Insulation & Ventilation Protect Roofing? January 10, 2019

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How Does Attic Insulation & Ventilation Protect Roofing?, Anchorage, Alaska

While your roof provides a haven for you and your loved ones, it needs a fair bit of protecting itself. While routine maintenance and gutter cleanings are helpful, you can safeguard your roofing with a couple of permanent alterations. Both insulation and ventilation work to your roof’s advantage 24/7. Here’s how these add-ons can keep your roof intact for years to come.

How Insulation Helps Roofing

In the winter, snow and ice will build up on your roof, and the warmth radiating from your roof melts them and sends them down to the eaves. At this point, the cold air will bring the water back to a solid state all over again. This freeze-thaw cycle often results in the formation of ice dams, which are heavy, frozen sheets that trap melting snow and weigh down on your roofing materials. Eventually, the stagnant melting water can seep through the roof, leading to leaks and water damage. To control this phenomenon, you’ll need to prevent your roof from being warmer than the eaves, and the best way to do so is with insulation. Padding inside your attic will keep your home’s warmth trapped inside, preventing it from melting the snow on top of the roof.

How Ventilation Helps Roofing

insulationIn the summertime, roof ventilation is often prized for making homes more energy efficient—allowing hot, rising air in the attic to escape and lowering cooling bills. However, in the winter, ventilation can also work to your roof’s advantage. While insulation keeps warm air inside your home, ventilation will allow hot air at the top of your attic to escape. As a result, snow and ice won’t enter the relentless freeze-thaw cycle, contributing to leaks and other permanent roof damage.


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