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How a Storage Unit Can Help You Declutter Your Home January 10, 2019

Wilmington, New Hanover
How a Storage Unit Can Help You Declutter Your Home, Wilmington, North Carolina

Whether you’re selling your home or preparing for guests, there are many occasions when you may need to declutter your living space. With a dedicated storage unit, you can free up square footage and still hold onto your valuable items — or keep sensitive items out of your temporarily hectic home. Use the following tips to make the most out a unit and organize your space. 

3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home With a Storage Unit

1. Separate Essentials & Non-Essentials

How many items creating clutter around your home are useful on a day-to-day basis? You can easily simplify your living space by separating essentials from non-essentials, and moving the latter into your storage unit — such as family heirlooms, crucial documents, and extra furniture. In the process, you might find some non-essential items you can throw away or donate. Depending on how many boxes you fill, you can easily decide on the ideal unit size. For example, a few boxes or pieces of furniture only need a 5-by-10-foot space, while multiple rooms of furniture could require 10-by-30-foot units.

2. Sort by Season

To simplify your workload, separate your belongings into seasonal categories. If the holidays have just passed, you can load lights and other decorations into your storage unit to immediately save space. If you’re loading items from all seasons into your unit, you can load those that belong to the season furthest away in the back, leaving things you plan to use in the near future at the front.

3. Label Everything

storageDecluttering is all about making life easier, and it won’t help if you’re just transferring an in-house mess to a storage unit. To ensure you can find what you need at a glance, label the boxes you fill with a brief description of the contents, or the category they belong in. If you’re drawing up items from around the house, you might want to sort them according to their respective rooms.


If you’re looking for a storage unit to free up space around the house, stop by Leland Self Storage in Brunswick County, NC. They’re proud to offer climate-controlled units that will keep your most sensitive items safe, such as antique furniture, wooden instruments, and old photographs. In addition, their unit sizes range from 5-foot-by-5-foot to 10-by-30, ensuring you can find a space to fit any item. For more information on their offerings, visit the website or call (910) 399-4719 to inquire about a rental today. 

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