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How to Use Commercial Printing to Promote a 5K January 10, 2019

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How to Use Commercial Printing to Promote a 5K, Strongsville, Ohio

If promoting a fun social event can be tricky, spreading the word about an athletic activity like a 5K is a true challenge. However, you can brand even a one-time event by creating a custom logo for the run. Once you’ve developed the concise, visual summary of your brand, you can use commercial printing to get dedicated runners involved. Use the following list for inspiration while creating a marketing plan.

How to Promote a 5K With Commercial Printing

1. Hand Out Flyers 

When you’re looking to draw attention to an event, there’s no better way to spread the word than with printed materials. While phone calls can be missed and emails lost in inboxes, flyers allow potential participants instant access to crucial information about the 5K. Plus, the excitement of suddenly learning about a local event may persuade new runners to join.

2. Offer Promotional Products at Local Gyms

commercial printingWhat better place to encounter individuals who love to run than at the treadmill section in your local gym? You won’t have to match their speed or track them down on an outdoor trail; you can set up shop at the gym’s entrance. At the sight of a free water bottle or T-shirt with a custom logo, you’ll have the whole gym coming over to see what the fuss is about.

3. Establish Referrals & Incentives

Once you start to get the word out, set up incentives for raising money, or offer rewards for getting other runners to join in. At the promise of some high-quality promotional products, interested runners will be more likely to convince their friends and family members to sign up. If you’re putting on the 5K to raise money for a cause, such incentives might help you get closer to your goal.


If you’re interested in using commercial printing to your advantage when promoting an upcoming event, turn to Marles Printing of Strongsville, OH. After helping you come up with a custom logo that perfectly encapsulates your 5K, they will help you design race gear, swag bags, or T-shirts for your runners. For more information on their services, call them at (440) 973-4747, and visit the website to view their products.

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