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A Guide to Buying a Quality Wallet January 21, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
A Guide to Buying a Quality Wallet, Jacksonville East, Florida

While men’s wallets are rarely given the spotlight in fashion, they are essential for their functionality. Of all the men’s accessories, wallets are the most common, yet many people do not consider how their choice will affect their overall style. A man’s wallet accentuates his overall look and gives a hint about his personality and lifestyle. Here’s how to choose the right one for you.

Popular Types of Wallets 

Men’s accessories like wallets, bags, and belts are often made with various materials like canvas, cotton, leather, and synthetic textile. Of the three, leather is the ideal, and often most common, material to use for men’s wallets. Leather is available in several varieties as well, depending on where it came from and how it was made. Aside from materials, wallets differ according to their styles.


Known as a traditional pocket wallet, the billfold derived its name from bills folded in half. It comes in two varieties, the bi-fold, and tri-fold, the latter with two overlapping sides.

men's accessoriesSlim

A relatively new type of wallet, it has double-sided sleeves that can only hold four cards at the most. It is perfect for slim-fit trousers and tailored pants to get rid of unwanted bulges.

Travel or Passport

Typically larger and bulkier than billfolds, these wallets have several pockets and slots for keeping passports and other travel documents. If you travel often or need to carry a lot of documents to cross borders, this accessory can keep you organized.


Also known as coat wallets, they are lengthier and narrower than usual to hold bills without folding. They are often placed inside coats, suits, and blazer, and they can carry checkbooks and several cards.

How to Purchase the Right Wallet

When planning to replace your wallet, consider your purpose and need for storing the essentials like cards, identification, and paper currency. As with most men’s accessories, black or brown are timeless, versatile choices. Avoid buying wallets with zippers and choose leather goods that have turned edges that are thinned and folded before stitching because they are sturdier and last longer.


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