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3 Benefits of Decorating With Custom Mirrors January 10, 2019

NOTA, Rochester
3 Benefits of Decorating With Custom Mirrors, Rochester, New York

Mirrors aren’t just useful for looking at your appearance, they can improve your home too. Custom mirrors can be built to enhance the design of a home, improving its property value and making it more appealing to prospective homebuyers. When used as a decorative piece, mirrors provide numerous benefits to homeowners.

Why You Should Install Custom Mirrors

1. Make Spaces Feel Larger

custom mirrorsMirrors can trick the eye into believing there's more space than there actually is, and when they’re placed strategically, they can make small rooms feel more substantial. Hanging a large mirror in a tiny bathroom can make it feel more open and airy, and installing a wall-length mirror opposite a row of windows can make a living or dining room appear to be twice its size. 

2. More Natural Light

Dimly lit homes can benefit from large custom mirrors placed opposite windows, as they reflect more natural light into the space. Putting small mirrors throughout a house can also maximize artificial lighting at night, saving you on electricity costs. They pair exceptionally well with chandeliers, utilizing the illumination while showcasing the fixture’s beauty. 

3. Can Be Used Anywhere

You don’t have to be limited to wall mirrors. Custom mirrors can be designed to complement your home’s style and decor anywhere you choose, including furniture tops and cabinets. They can also be set in ornate frames or frameless. The options are limitless, giving you room to be creative. 


If you’re a homeowner in Monroe County, NY, looking to beautify your home, turn to Mr. Glass for custom mirrors. Family-owned and -operated, this glass company specializes in residential glass installations and repairs. Their glass experts have more than 40 years of experience, are multi-certified, and can help you design and install mirrors to match the style of your home. Call (585) 271-1270 or visit their website to request a free quote today. 

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