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3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Maid January 10, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Maid, Lincoln, Nebraska

Maids can prove invaluable to busy homeowners who don’t have the time to deep clean the house properly. By scheduling regular visits, you can trust that your home will look its best at all times. However, there are some steps you should take to prepare your property in advance of the maid’s arrival. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Ready Your House for a Maid

1. Communicate With Them

It’s always best to establish a solid rapport with your maid. This allows you a chance to understand their work style better, and also gives you an opportunity to share your preferences. Maybe you would like them to pay special attention to a particular part of the kitchen, for example, or clean the windows that haven’t been wiped in a long time. Perhaps some areas of the home are off limits. Let them know in advance so that there won’t be any surprises after the job is complete.

2. Put Away Valuables

Consider placing items of significant value in a location that’s out of reach for their safety. A valuable piece of jewelry that is knocked to the floor could easily be vacuumed by mistake. A cleaning product might accidentally find its way onto a vintage piece of artwork. A statue may tumble to the ground while surfaces are being wiped. These are all common household accidents that are easy to avoid with some forethought.

3. Clear Out Clutter

maidAlthough maids are happy to do the best possible job in your living space, you can help these professionals along by making sure the house is as free of as much miscellaneous clutter as possible. It’s hard to clean surfaces that are littered with mail, for example, or to wipe down a table that doubles as a storage space. Take the time to put these items away.  If you have kids or pets, help them stay out of the way during the cleaning process.


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