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3 Reasons Why Tile Is Perfect for Pet Owners January 10, 2019

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3 Reasons Why Tile Is Perfect for Pet Owners, Odessa, Texas

If you own a pet, you know how difficult it can be to keep scratches and stains off your furniture. Carpeting can also pose a problem when your four-legged pals are involved in their usual play. Natural stone tiles, porcelain, and other options are the perfect solution to save your floors and keep your pet happy. The list below offers more information on the benefits of tile flooring.   

3 Advantages of Tile Flooring   

1. Easy to Clean    

One major reason to choose natural stone tile is its low maintenance properties. When spills, mud, and other messes occur, the floor can be easily cleaned with a little warm soapy water and a mop or sponge. Many types of tile are resistant to water stains and odor and can stand up to whatever mess your pet has in store.

2. Durable

Natural Stone TileWhether your furry friend has sharp nails or likes to play rough, natural stone tiles are strong and can withstand their antics. Tile is durable and resistant to scratches and heavy foot traffic. The material is sturdy and slip-resistant, making it a natural fit under their little paws.

3. Free of Chemicals

One of the downsides of carpeting is the number of chemicals that are often used to create the product. These can be released into your home and affect the air quality for many years. Porcelain and natural stone tile are free of chemicals and harmful dyes, so you don’t have to worry about the material polluting your home or harming your pets.


When you’re ready to update your flooring, contact the professionals at Anderson Tile Sales in Odessa, TX. Their experienced sales team offers a large selection of residential and commercial flooring options, including natural stone tile and ceramic and hardwood. To find out more about their products and services, call a member of their team today at (432) 337-0081. You can also visit their website for information about the company. 

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