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3 Health Reasons to Have Your General Contractor Construct a Deck January 10, 2019

Bayfield, Bayfield
3 Health Reasons to Have Your General Contractor Construct a Deck, Bayfield, Wisconsin

When you build a deck on your property, you’re doing more than just creating a home addition which will give you more space and increase the value of your house. You’re also making it easier to enjoy the health benefits of going outdoors. Here are just a few of the reasons you should schedule this project with your general contractor.

The Top Health Benefits of a Deck

1. More Vitamin D

General ContractorVitamin D is an essential nutrient for your body. A deficiency can cause cardiovascular problems, weaken the bones, trigger depression, and even increase your risk of cancer. While it is possible to get some vitamin D in your diet, the best source is sunlight. Under UVB rays, your skin produces all the vitamin D you need to stay healthy and happy.

2. Less Stress

Not only will vitamin D boost your mood, but the simple experience of being outdoors can significantly decrease your tension and blood pressure. Most people find the outdoors relaxing—especially when they can enjoy it from a comfortable, clean space like a well-maintained deck.

3. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is linked to a number of negative health conditions, from arthritis to heart disease. Two recent studies have shown that simply walking outdoors or camping significantly decreases the body’s inflammatory response. Getting outside regularly may lower your risk of contracting inflammation-related diseases, or decrease your symptoms if you already experience these conditions.


If you’d like to work with a general contractor to add a deck to your custom home, choose Dahl Construction Company in Bayfield, WI. For over 40 years, this family-owned company has taken on a wide variety of construction and remodeling projects throughout the surrounding county, including roofing and siding renovations, patio and deck additions, and pole building construction. To discuss your project with an experienced general contractor, call (715) 779-3600 or send them a message online.

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