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5 Reasons to Have a Locksmith Change Your Locks January 10, 2019

Center Point, Kerr
5 Reasons to Have a Locksmith Change Your Locks, Center Point, Texas

Your property is only as secure as its weakest point. If you are worried about unwanted individuals gaining access to the house, whether because the old owners gave out spare keys or because the technology or material behind yours is outdated, consider calling a locksmith to make a change. The list below details a few of the reasons why an upgrade can be beneficial.

Why Call a Locksmith?

1. New House

If you’ve just moved into a new home, have your locks changed as soon as possible. This ensures no friends or family of the prior residents who may have had a house key can enter uninvited.

2. New Tenants

Similarly, if you own a rental property or lease rooms in the house, you should consider rekeying whenever your old tenants move out. This will help limit your liability in case someone hangs onto a copy of a key, and is also a selling point to attract new renters.

3. Better Security

LocksmithNot all locks are made equal; some are stronger or more difficult to pick. If you worry that your neighborhood isn’t safe, a security update from a local locksmith service can go a long way to deterring intruders.

4. Damaged Door

If you’ve already had an intruder, it’s likely your lock or the surrounding door and frame are damaged. Rather than replacing it with the same model as the previous one, invest in a stronger lock for better peace-of-mind.

5. Time for a Change

Every year, better and more advanced locks hit the market. Keyless entry systems and integrated electronic security are effective, advanced options. Alternatively, you may just want to replace a lock which is showing signs of wear and tear.


If you need a locksmith, choose Hill Country Lock & Key in Kerrville, TX. For over 30 years, they have provided Kerr County with fast, reliable service for home and vehicle lockouts, rekeying, lock changes, key duplication, and more. To schedule service, call (830) 257-3633.

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