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3 Ways to Keep Your Older Cat Comfortable January 11, 2019

Clark, Lincoln
3 Ways to Keep Your Older Cat Comfortable, Clark, Missouri

When your furry four-legged family member starts to slow down, you know they’ve entered their golden years. Caring for senior pets is completely different from caring for young kittens or middle-aged cats. Use the tips below to keep your kitty comfortable and happy as they age.

Care Guide for Senior Pets

1. Schedule Regular Vet Visits

Your cat should see a veterinarian annually, even if they seem to be in perfect health. If you do notice them acting strangely in any way, contact your vet immediately to see if it’s something to be concerned about. Every time you visit the veterinarian, ask for a body condition evaluation. Have them look for signs of arthritis as well, since this is common among older cats.

2. Install Helpful Furniture

senior petsEven if your cat doesn’t suffer arthritis, they’ll lose agility as they age. They’ll still enjoy their high vantage spots around the house, so install some pet stairs or ramps to give them easy access. You should also put some comfortable soft beds around the house for them to relax on. Senior pets have more trouble getting comfortable, so they need a supportive but soft surface to sleep well.

3. Feed Them Right

You should know your cat’s target weight and aim to keep them in that healthy range. Being overweight puts them at risk for diseases such as diabetes or liver disease while being underweight indicates they’re undernourished. Talk with your vet about supplementing their diet with specific additions. For example, adding protein keeps them strong, while fatty acids such as DHA and EPA keep them mobile with healthy joints.


Hampton Bay Pet Steps understands that you want to keep your senior pets safe and comfortable in Troy, MO. Over the last ten years, they’ve built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. Ask about their pet beds and pet furniture that are custom-designed for your space and made to improve their quality of life. In their dedication to fur babies, a percentage of your purchase is donated to the Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Contact them online or at (855) DOG-RAMP to get started.

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