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3 Essential Gas Pump Safety Tips January 11, 2019

Lynne, Oneida
3 Essential Gas Pump Safety Tips, Lynne, Wisconsin

Because gasoline fumes are flammable, they pose a risk of ignition in the event of an open flame or spark. Therefore, it's important that you avoid putting yourself and others at risk while refueling your car. The following precautions will help you stay safe at the gas station.

3 Tips for Staying Safe at the Gas Station

1. Never Smoke or Light Cigarettes

An open flame can ignite fumes rising out of your gas tank or from the fuel pump itself. Therefore, be careful to extinguish any cigarettes before refueling and never light up while you're waiting for the tank to fill. It could lead to a flare up or even an explosion. In fact, during the second half of the previous decade, more than 5,000 fires and explosions occurred at service stations throughout the U.S.

2. Discharge Static Electricity

Gas station in Tripoli, WIStatic electricity builds up in your body as clothing and auto upholstery rub against each other and your skin. During warmer months, atmospheric moisture helps to discharge it. However, during winter, less humidity means you retain more static, and an electrostatic spark could be enough to ignite gas fumes. To discharge the static electricity before opening the tank or operating the pump, touch the metal frame of your car door. This will minimize the danger of accidental ignition.

3. Remain Outside Car

To avoid recharging your body with static electricity, remain outside the car while fueling, even if the weather is cold. This also keeps the fuel pump in sight so you can stop the pump if the auto shut-off feature fails. That way, you don't risk spilling pools of flammable liquid onto the gas station parking lot.

For convenient refueling and affordable snacks and beverages, stop by Tri-Mart BP, a renowned gas station and convenience store in Tripoli, WI. They've served motorists in and around Oneida County since 1992 with high-quality diesel fuel and unleaded gas. Call 715-564-2440 to speak to a representative or visit their website to view directions and convenience store hours — but be aware that their pumps operate 24/7 for your convenience.

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