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Why Are Breast Self-Examinations Important? January 10, 2019

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Why Are Breast Self-Examinations Important?, New Windsor, New York

Mammograms or X-rays of the breast tissue are an essential tool to diagnose and screen for breast cancer. While this type of diagnostic imaging is considered routine for women over 45 years old, many patients opt to schedule this appointment because they've identified a problem themselves. If you have overlooked performing breast examinations on yourself every month, here are a few reasons to get into the habit. 

4 Reasons to Perform Breast Self-Exams Monthly

1. Identify Changes

The primary reason healthcare professionals encourage women in their 20s and beyond to perform self-breast exams is to identify signs of cancer in its early stages. By performing a visual inspection of your breasts in the mirror to observe changes in shape, nipple color, or symmetry, and by using your finger pads to check for lumps, you’ll successfully stay on top of breast health. This will give you a higher chance of beating cancer should there be an issue. 

2. Reduce Stress

breast examinationIn the United States alone, roughly one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. As a widespread condition and one that is genetic, it’s natural to feel anxious or worried about your personal health. By performing self-examinations, you can put your concerns to rest. 

3. Get a Mammogram Early On

If you’re under the age of 45, you may not require an annual mammogram. That being said, by performing monthly breast examinations at home, you’ll be acutely aware of changes like redness, lumps, darkening skin, or enlarged pores. You can then be proactive about your health and schedule this life-saving ultrasound if you notice changes. 

4. Access to Effective Treatment

The best way to beat breast cancer is by identifying the condition in its early stages. Studies have found that over 57% of women who are diagnosed detected a lump or issue themselves by performing a self-breast exam, ensuring they can begin treatment right away. 


If you need a mammogram after doing a breast examination, contact Hudson Valley Imaging, located in the heart of Orange County, NY. They have established a top-notch reputation as one of the state’s leading diagnostic imaging centers. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art facility that’s known for their dedicated staff and ability to put patients at ease, call today at (845) 220-2222 to schedule your next X-ray, mammogram, or CT scan. For more information on the breast examination services offered by this trusted imaging center accredited by the American College of Radiology®, visit their website

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