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5 Qualities to Look for in Family Doctors January 10, 2019

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5 Qualities to Look for in Family Doctors, Fairbanks, Alaska

For busy parents, selecting a family doctor as their primary care provider makes receiving quality medical care convenient. These professionals can oversee the health care needs of your entire family, so you can schedule all of your checkups and vaccinations in the same office. For parents of young children, this is a hassle-free way to ensure all family members see their doctor regularly, not just for sick visits but also for preventive care. If you’re seeking a family physician in your area, here are five important qualities to look for.

Qualities to Search for in Family Doctors

1. Makes You Feel Comfortable

Many people feel that being comfortable with their doctor is a luxury. In reality, you should never feel uncomfortable voicing your concerns with your doctor. Your children, too, should feel welcomed and at ease during their appointments. These professionals are here to listen to symptoms or answer questions without judgement, and to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment based on these factors.

2. Asks Questions

You may assume that the patient should be the one asking questions, but your doctor should be asking their patients questions as well. To get an accurate diagnosis, physicians must develop a comprehensive understanding of the severity of symptoms, when they occur, and how they’re affecting you. They may also ask you or your child to perform certain activities, like taking a deep breath or coughing, during their clinical assessments.

3. Doesn’t Seem Rushed

A major indication of a reputable doctor is when they don’t seem hurried to visit other patients or finish their work day. You should leave feeling that your doctor gave you the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a dialogue about any condition you or your child is facing. Of course, if you think of questions after you leave the office, your questions should be welcome by receptionists and nurses, too.

4. Takes Patients Seriously

family doctorDoctors should always take their patients seriously, despite any unusual symptoms that may develop. Patients should always be treated with respect, and their concerns shouldn’t be belittled. If you are not being taken seriously or your concerns are dismissed quickly without any further investigation, it could prevent you from getting the treatment you truly need.

5. Keeps Up With Changes

Because the medical field changes rapidly, your family doctor should be keeping pace. Up-to-date practices leverage new information, technologies, and medicines, thereby providing the best quality of treatment and the broadest range of options for patients of all ages. 


If you’re seeking a family doctor who meets all of the criteria above, turn to Fairbanks Clinic in Alaska. This practice has been providing quality health care for adults and children since 1932. Their physicians are committed to using modern technology and the latest practices to ensure the highest level of patient care. Get to know their family doctors, pediatricians, and female health providers online, or call (907) 452-1761 to schedule an appointment.

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