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3 Insects Commonly Found in Alaskan Trees January 10, 2019

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3 Insects Commonly Found in Alaskan Trees, Anchorage, Alaska

The condition of your landscape largely depends on the health of your trees. Insect infestations can affect their integrity and compromise surrounding vegetation, too. Working with a qualified tree care specialist protects your yard as a whole and ensures that your trees remain in great shape. Here are some of the more common insects that may require the attention of an arborist.

Insects That Affect Trees in Alaska

1. Spruce Bark Beetles

An infestation of spruce bark beetles affected trees in southcentral Alaska in 2015. But the problem never slowed, instead intensifying in recent years. These insects typically favor white spruce trees, but will find a home in any type of spruce if given the opportunity. Their signature is a minuscule hole burrowed in the bark, where they seek shelter, mate, and lay eggs. The process leads to the tree’s eventual death, and the newborn beetles can then move on to other trees. Regular tree care, including sufficient moisture, quality food, and improved air circulation, can help prevent the problem.

2. Amber-Marked Birch Leafminer

tree careThe amber-marked birch leafminer made its way to Alaska in the middle of the 1990s, likely when trees or soil were imported from an affected location. The insects are drawn to native Alaskan birch trees, and they have affected more than 32,000 acres of the area known as the Anchorage “Bowl,” which encompasses the space from the Chugach Mountains moving eastward, according to the United States Forest Service. Multiple larvae can feed on a single leaf, eventually creating brown spots and weakening the tree. Arborists may suggest applying a type of insecticide to control the bugs.

3. Hardwood Leaf Rust

Largely present on living hardwood leaves, these fungi may look like yellow or orange spots at a glance. The spores can infect the hardwood, too, and create a friendly environment for widespread infestation. Additionally, the tree is likely to experience growth problems and may lose its leaves prematurely. Its appearance may also suffer as a result of discoloration.


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