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What Auto Parts Do You Need to Winterize Your Vehicle? January 10, 2019

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What Auto Parts Do You Need to Winterize Your Vehicle?, Newark, Ohio

Winter is here; however, far too many drivers are yet to winterize their vehicle. The right auto parts can improve performance and help you avoid maintenance issues during this snowy season. The following parts will make the biggest difference in maximizing your car’s performance during the winter.

Winter Replacements

auto partsThough you should always follow the recommendations listed in your owners manual, there are some auto parts that should generally be replaced each winter. Most drivers will benefit by replacing their old windshield wiper blades; a new rubber blade will be more effective in maintaining visibility during stormy and snowy weather. Drivers should also use a freeze-resistant wiper fluid to maintain visibility in inclement weather.

Drivers who frequently encounter below-freezing conditions should also consider switching to winter-grade motor oil, which is better suited to cold-weather conditions. The right type of oil will ensure proper engine performance during the winter.

Keeping Up With Inspections

Other vehicle components should be inspected, repaired, or replaced as necessary. Safety components like the brakes should take top priority. Checking the battery voltage will also help you avoid getting stranded, as they are more likely to die as a result of reduced capacity caused by freezing temperatures.

Tires should also get extra attention. Check the tread wear to ensure your tires will provide adequate traction and braking. If you live in a particularly snowy or cold area, it may also be worthwhile to switch to winter tires, which are better suited to these conditions.


No matter what auto parts you need this winter, Smyth Automotive in Cincinnati, OH, has you covered. Serving Ohio and Kentucky for over 50 years, their 24 locations offer a wide range of high-quality parts. Visit them online or call (513) 528-2800 to learn more about their products. For more tips and tricks, tune into Smyth Automotive's podcasts for all devices, featuring an upcoming episode on winterization. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information.

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