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The Do's & Don'ts of Wearing Contact Lenses January 10, 2019

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The Do's & Don'ts of Wearing Contact Lenses, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see and experience the world without being boxed in by cumbersome glasses. With that said, contacts do require some special handling and considerations that glasses don't. Below is a rundown of do’s and don'ts every wearer should remember when dealing with contact lenses.


Wash and dry hands before handling.

Your fingers are going to be touching the delicate surface of the eye, so they must be clean to avoid the risk of transferring germs or any tiny specks of dirt or miniscule fibers that may be on the fingertips. Wash you hands thoroughly with a mild, oil- and fragrance-free soap, rubbing the fingers together for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds before rinsing with warm water. Dry your hands well with a clean towel that is free of lint.

Clean contact lenses daily.

contact lensesIf you have contacts that are not a single-use variety, you will need to keep them clean. Exact cleaning requirements vary between lens type and manufacturer; check the directions on the box or with your optometrist for the precise cleaning guidelines. But with most contacts, remove the lens, gently rub in cleaning solution, rinse the lens thoroughly, and store in solution until the next wear.


Reuse solution.

Contact lens solution should never be reused. It holds all the impurities from the previous wear and submerging clean contacts into this environment just gets them dirty again. After removing and cleaning a lens, place it in storage case that has been filled with fresh, clean solution.

Forget to wash and change your storage case regularly.

Once you've put contacts in your eyes, rinse the case out well with warm water and place it out in the open to dry out, being sure to keep the lids off when the case isn't in use. Also, throw out the old case and use a new one every three months. Plastic storage cases are quite cheap and can be purchased several at a time for just a few dollars.


These care tips will ensure your contact lenses serve you well and maintain their comfort and clarity. To see if contacts are right for you, contact Virginia Ramsey Lind, OD. She has more than 30 years of experience providing the Fairbanks, AK, area with all types of routine eye care services. Call (907) 456-8028 or visit her office's website to schedule an eye exam today.

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