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3 Major Social Benefits of Metal Recycling January 11, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Major Social Benefits of Metal Recycling, Rochester, New York

Whether you’re a homeowner who drinks a few cans of soda per month or a business that disposes tons of metal scraps each week, it’s important to recycle what you can. By making an active effort to recycle any metal waste, you can contribute to the economy while reducing your own carbon footprint. Here are a few reasons why everyone should take part in metal recycling

3 Benefits of Scrapping Old Metal

1. More Jobs

Metal recycling creates a considerable number of jobs, reducing the overall unemployment rate. Processing scraps take more manpower than if it’s sent to an incinerator or landfill. Once the scraps are processed, they can be used to manufacture other products, which contributes to a booming economy and more jobs around the country. 

2. Lower Energy Demands 

metal recyclingIt takes less energy to process recycled scrap metal than it does to derive the metal from raw materials. For example, cleaning and remelting aluminum use 94% less energy than producing the same amount of metal from ore. Additionally, the energy savings for recycling lead are approximately 75% and for iron and steel, 72%.

3. Less Waste

Mining produces a lot of waste and even contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The waste from mining also contributes to air pollution, which can cause respiratory problems for those who live nearby. On the other hand, recycling metal uses less water and emits less carbon dioxide, making it more environmentally friendly.


If you need help with metal recycling for personal or commercial purposes, turn to Metalico Rochester in NY. These professionals practice proper disposal and pay cash for nonferrous scrap metal like aluminum lawn chairs, copper pipes, brass faucets. Their facilities are equipped to recycle a range of metals including stainless steel, nickel alloys, lead, and more. Visit their website to learn more about the environmental benefits or call (585) 436-0713 to speak with a specialist.

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