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How to Make the Switch From Glasses to Contact Lenses January 9, 2019

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How to Make the Switch From Glasses to Contact Lenses, Sodus, New York

While eyeglasses are an essential vision correction tool, some people prefer contact lenses. If you’re thinking about switching, making the transition can take some getting used to. Here is a guide to what to expect, as well as how to make the process as smooth as possible.

Are Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Some people’s eyes are more sensitive than others, making it difficult to put in and remove contacts on a daily basis. The same can be said for people who often get dry eyes, which can be caused by aging or certain drugs. Others don’t want the burden of taking care of their contacts, increasing their risks of infection.

Are There Different Types of Lenses?

contact lensesIf the above considerations don’t apply to you, the next step is to understand the different types of lenses currently available. Soft lenses are popular because they’re comfortable and are available for daily or extended wear. There are also hard lenses, which reduce the risks of eye infections and diminish the effects of dry eyes. Have your eye doctor assess your needs and make a recommendation.

How Should I Care for My Contacts?

Whenever removing or replacing your lenses, make sure your hands are clean. Germs are easily transferred from your fingers to your eyes, which can lead to infections or other issues. You should always use a specialized solution for your type of contacts when cleaning or soaking them overnight. Don’t store contact lenses in anything other than the container you were given, and always take them out before going to bed.


When you’re ready for a transition, Reed Eye Associates is here to help you make the switch from glasses to contact lenses. With six convenient New York and New Jersey locations, these optometrists have earned a reputation for quality, both in their services as well as how they treat their customers. If you’re interested in contacts, they’ll help you every step of the way, from the initial fitting to caring for them. Along with vision correction services, they also offer eye exams, glaucoma treatment, and cataracts surgery to ensure your vision remains healthy for life. Visit the website for more information on locations and hours of operation. Residents of Rochester, NY, can call (585) 723-6070 to schedule an appointment today.

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