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The Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring January 9, 2019

Wentzville, St. Charles
The Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, Wentzville, Missouri

If you want the look of elegant hardwoods without the demanding upkeep, luxury vinyl plank flooring is the perfect solution for your home. It’s designed to be installed in sections like hardwood and embossed with realistic wood patterns. Here are a few important do’s and don’ts when caring for vinyl plank flooring, so that you can protect your investment. 


Keep floors free of dust and dirt.

Grime like dirt, dust, and food particulates can be abrasive to vinyl plank flooring, especially as homeowners walk across the surface. Focus on keeping your new vinyl floors free of surface particulates by sweeping and dust mopping daily. 

Focus on gentle cleaning. 

While it is true that vinyl plank flooring is one of the most durable flooring surfaces you can buy, they can sustain damage like scratches and surface abrasions. When you sweep or mop the surface, focus on being gentle and using as little cleaner as possible. Soft, microfiber mops work well, and sprays designed for vinyl flooring can whisk away grime without being too harsh. 


Use abrasive tools of cleaners. 

vinyl plank flooringTo prevent scratches, avoid using abrasive cleaning tools like scrubbers, stiff brushes, or steel wool. Additionally, stay away from cleaners with abrasives or acidic chemicals, which can microscopically etch your floors. Always check your cleaner and tool packaging to make sure the items are rated for vinyl floor cleaning. 

Apply wax. 

While many people are drawn to waxing floors to create a shiny finish, waxing embossed vinyl plank flooring can also make the surface look cloudy and uneven. Avoid using products that contain wax, and consider an acrylic finish designed for vinyl floors instead. 


If you have questions about how to maintain your new vinyl plank flooring, talk with the specialists at Thieman’s Carpet Company. With a commitment to offering the best products and the highest level of customer service, you can find the answers you need and products you can rely on. For more than 40 years, people throughout Wentzville, MO have turned to Thieman’s Carpet Company, so visit their website today to learn more. You can also call (636) 327-8813 for more information. 

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