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Radon, a silent health risk … January 2, 2019

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
Radon, a silent health risk …, Lincoln, Nebraska

January of each year has been declared National Radon Action Month by the US government. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind smoking.

Radon is naturally occurring and eastern Nebraska is right in the heart of the highest levels.  Radon gas is the by-product of radioactive breakdown of elements in the soil.  As the radon gas rises from the soil, it can be trapped and enter the lowest level of our homes. The EPA has deemed that any reading at 4.0 pCi/L or above should be mitigated to lower the risk.

About 65% of homes tested in Lincoln area have elevated radon levels. Some homes are slightly over 4.0, some many times higher.  If high, the solution is to mitigate.  A radon mitigation system draws air from under the lowest level of the home (beneath slab or crawl space) and discharges the removed air safely above the roofline. Typical cost is just under $1,000 to design, install and retest.

Most home buyers ask for a radon test as part of the inspection process. Most will ask for mitigation if the radon level is high. It is a common factor in today’s home purchase scenario.

Knowing the importance of being able to mitigate for elevated radon levels and, the fact that some homeowners cannot afford the cost of a radon system, A to Z Radon Solutions is planning to install one FREE radon system during early 2019 for a person/family in need. Through the month of January 2019, A to Z Radon Solutions will be accepting requests for assistance in lowering the radon level for a homeowner who, otherwise, can’t afford to mitigate.  During early February, our company will review all requests and select one homeowner to receive a Free Radon System.  If you feel you qualify for this free system, or if you know someone who might, you can send us an email at: or call 402-742-5806 for more information.

In May, the Owners of A to Z Radon Solutions plan to do the same for a member/veteran of the U.S. military.

For over a decade, Lincoln, NE, area homeowners have relied on A to Z Radon Solutions, a division of Z&H Enterprises to keep their homes safe and to provide options that preserve the value of the home.  As the area’s leading radon company, we have installed over 5,000 mitigation units in homes throughout the Lincoln area, building a reputation for timely, cost-effective solutions, with a focus on “attention to detail”. Learn more about our services online, or call (402)742-5806 for a free radon estimate today.

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