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3 Leading Reasons Sump Pumps Fail January 9, 2019

Mack North, Green
3 Leading Reasons Sump Pumps Fail, Green, Ohio

It can be easy to forget about your sump pump, given that it’s buried in your basement. But without the right preparation and sump pump maintenance, your unit will inevitably malfunction. Here’s a closer look at why these systems stop working and what you can do to avoid those situations. 

Why Sump Pumps Stop Working

1. Line Clogs

Debris can accumulate over time and create a clog, blocking your pipes from removing all the water that the sump pump is working so hard to drain. The best solution is to conduct regular sump pump maintenance by cleaning out any visible blockages. 

2. Power Failure

sump pump maintenanceSump pump maintenance inspection involves a check to see what would happen if the power goes out. The same storm that is filling up your basement with water can also cut the power. The best solution is to have either a battery-operated backup sump pump system that can kick on or an emergency generator that will support your primary pump. 

3. Continuous Operation

You don’t want your pump running when the basement is dry. That operation will lead to the pump being overworked. In many cases, the unit is running because the float is getting stuck. You’ll need a technician to fix this key piece that prevents the pit from constantly receiving water backflow. 


If you’re looking for help optimizing your sump pump maintenance, it’s wise to contact a respected plumber like Joe Klosterman Plumbing in Cincinnati, OH. Family-owned and operated for over three decades, the professionals will not only troubleshoot your current pump problem but educate you on the best practices for helping it thrive in the future. To schedule an appointment with the friendly staff, just call (513) 941-6766 or send a message through the plumbing company’s website

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