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3 Top Reasons to Buy Used Auto Parts January 11, 2019

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3 Top Reasons to Buy Used Auto Parts, High Point, North Carolina

When your vehicle breaks down, you may be left with expensive repair bills. Purchasing used auto parts from a car salvage yard will help you save money while providing similar performance to a new auto part. To learn more about the advantages of used car parts, take a look at the list below.

3 Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts

1. Get Your Car Repaired Quicker

Many times, when you want a new auto part, it has to be ordered from the dealer or an auto parts store. While you’re waiting for the part to arrive in the mail, your car can sit in the repair shop for days or even weeks while you’re charged a storage fee. Instead of waiting, you can purchase a used auto part and have your vehicle repaired immediately.

2. Good for the Environment

When you recycle used auto parts, you keep them out of landfills and Used Auto Partshelp reduce the amount of pollutants that are leeched into the soil and air. Recycled steel parts can be put to use in your vehicle to reduce the rate of new parts being manufactured and lower the waste and pollution associated with manufacturing new parts.

3. Save Money

Saving money is an important reason to buy used auto parts. You can often save 50% or more when you order parts from a salvage yard. Parts like car rims, bumpers, windows, transmissions, and tires are significantly less expensive when you purchase them at the auto salvage yard. If you’re on a budget, it will be to your advantage to choose used auto parts for your vehicle.


When you need used auto parts, contact the experts at High Point Auto Salvage in North Carolina. They offer a large selection of car and truck parts for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. To order parts or learn more about the salvage car parts store, call (336) 889-9062 today or visit them online.

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