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3 Common Causes of Tooth Pain January 9, 2019

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3 Common Causes of Tooth Pain, Dothan, Alabama

Toothaches are something we all experience at some point in life, but if you’re dealing with a persistent or severe pain, it’s time to go see the dentist. Several different conditions can cause tooth pain, and if you don’t see a skilled general dentistry practitioner, the cause of the pain could worsen and turn into something serious. Below are three of the most common ailments that can cause your teeth and jaw to ache.

What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Pain

1. Dental Trauma

A variety of ailments that directly affect your teeth can, of course, cause a toothache. Cavities will likely be the first thing an experienced dentist will look for, as the exposure and infection of your tooth’s roots can cause sharp, excruciating pain. Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth may also cause pain that radiates to the surrounding teeth and tissues if the nerves or root was damaged when the injury occurred. Leaving any of these issues untreated can lead to severe infections that may cause tooth loss, severe pain, or even life-threatening complications if left for long enough.

2. Bruxism

dentistAnother common cause of jaw pain and toothaches is bruxism, colloquially known as teeth grinding. Caused by dental abnormalities or even stress, grinding teeth in your sleep is a common condition, but it can put immense stress on your teeth, gums, jaw, and jaw joints. If you notice that your pain is worse when you first wake up, bruxism could be the cause, and a skilled dentist will be able to fit you with a night guard to ease the stress on your dental health.  Left unattended, it can lead to the erosion of your teeth, TMJ issues, and other complications.

3. Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar are allowed to accumulate in your mouth, irritating and cutting your gum tissue and causing it to get infected. As it progresses, gum disease can erode your gum tissue, causing pockets to form and your gums to recede. This exposes more of your tooth, and if the root is exposed, it will cause noticeable pain. The receding gums can also allow your teeth to shift position or become loose, causing them to press against each other or disturb the jaw bone, both of which will cause discomfort. If you never see a trusted dentist for it, gum disease can eventually erode the bone in your jaw, causing a myriad of issues that include tooth loss.


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