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A Guide to Sump Pumps and When To Replace Them January 9, 2019

Central Business District, Rochester
A Guide to Sump Pumps and When To Replace Them, Rochester, New York

Homeowners who have crawl spaces or basements should install sump pumps to prevent their houses from flooding. These devices remove rising water before it can infiltrate your home, keeping the walls, flooring, and personal belongings safe from moisture and water damage. Here is some information you should know about replacing these devices.

Types of Pumps

sump pumpSubmersible pumps are installed in the basement or crawlspace where they use a French drain system to remove rising water by flushing it through pipes to the exterior of the home. Submersible pumps are often made out of cast iron or aluminum and last an average of 10 years. They are great for homes with basements because they feature strong motors that can handle sudden water. 

Pedestal pumps include a standalone motor, which sits above the basement floor, and a hose that runs through the sump pit. This system also sends water through piping to the outside of the house, but the pedestal pump is often made out of plastic. Since the engine sits above the ground and the motor is not underwater, these sump pumps can be a bit noisy. 

Signs You Need a Replacement

If your current sump pump is loud, has stopped working, or has electrical problems, it may be time to upgrade. Installing a newer model can provide more efficient water removal while using less electricity and creating less noise to disrupt your household. 

Cost Factors

The cost of your sump pump replacement will vary depending on which type of pump you choose, where you live, and what material your basement floor is made out of. Dirt and gravel are easy to dig into to place the pump while concrete requires more time and machinery. It’s better to bring in a professional to install a sump pump replacement because they have the tools and knowledge to work with electricity, water safely, and efficiently. 



If you’re in need of a sump pump replacement, contact Pride Plumbing of Rochester in Monroe County, NY. Their team of licensed master plumbers provides clear and accurate pricing, a wide variety of parts, and fixtures and flexible scheduling. Call (585) 272-7272 for a quote or visit their website for information on their timely, top-notch services from sewer and drain cleaning to gas line installation and water heater repairs.

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