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4 Common Football Injuries January 9, 2019

Dothan, Houston
4 Common Football Injuries, Dothan, Alabama

As an athlete, you put your body through significant demands and strain on a regular basis. Football players, especially, are susceptible to injury, often requiring sports physical therapy to get back on the field. Here are the most common football injuries so you can treat them effectively or work to prevent them in the first place. 

What Are the Most Typical Football Injuries? 

1. Concussions

Head injuries are a particularly common and worrisome occurrence in football players. Because it’s a contact sport and because of the way your body is angled when you tackle someone, impacts to the head are easy to sustain. A concussion occurs when the head and brain are violently shaken, causing minor swelling and bruising on the brain. Whether from catching a ball to the face, slamming your head into someone’s body, or hitting it on the ground, any trauma to the head should be treated immediately. Concussions can cause headaches or neck pain that linger, and may require sports physical therapy to reduce discomfort. 

2. Fractured Bones

Broken or fractured bones are common injuries due to trauma from collisions, awkward landings, and twists. Often, the legs and arms fall victim, and even if the bone heals properly, you could face limited mobility or chronic aches and pains in the injured area. Sports physical therapy will ensure your muscles and bones are strong enough to meet the demands you’re placing on them, and will reduce any pain.

3. Dislocated Joints

sports physical therapyShoulders, knees, and ankles are frequently dislocated in football as well. A dislocation happens when a bone is knocked, pulled, or pushed out of the socket. Dislocations can injure surrounding tissues and muscles, as well as wear away cartilage, which can cause continued discomfort. A sports physical therapist will recommend strengthening exercises and stretches that will expedite the healing process and reduce the chances of re-injury.

4. Overexertion

Like many athletes, football players are subjected to rigorous demands in both the on- and off- seasons, expected to keep up with conditioning and training throughout the year. The constant use and heavy strain on your body may catch up with you, causing aches, tenderness, and muscle pain. Physical therapy and other treatments can help manage your pain and improve your comfort and mobility, ensuring you’ll perform your best on the field. 


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