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3 Essential Security Products for Jewelry Stores January 9, 2019

Everett, Lincoln
3 Essential Security Products for Jewelry Stores, Lincoln, Nebraska

While all retailers depend on quality security equipment to safeguard their businesses, those that carry valuables must take additional precautions. Jewelry store owners, in particular, have a responsibility to protect their staff and merchandise from harm. With the help of a qualified locksmith and the right equipment, they can be confident their property is secure. Here’s what to keep in mind.

The Security Equipment All Jewelers Need

1. Security Cameras

While intruders will typically mask their faces, video footage courtesy of a security camera can give police enforcement and investigators a better idea of the person’s build and other physical traits. If there are cameras situated directly outside the store, they can also provide details about the person’s vehicle.

2. Sturdy Safes

Many jewelry stores have insurance policies that require a certain percentage of their stock be kept within a safe. Locksmiths can equip the property with high-security models that make it easy to safeguard valuable inventory. Take into account the safe’s thickness, alarm protectivity, and its Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating before buying. The latter provides store owners with a degree of confidence that the product will effectively prevent burglars from breaking into the unit.  

3. Keypad Locks

locksmithThe more advanced the store’s door security, the less likely intruders are to force their way inside. Keypad locks are effective deterrents because they require a PIN. They can also be programmed to lock and unlock on a specific schedule, and are far less likely to be damaged or need lock repairs than traditional ones that depend on keys. Experienced locksmiths offer a wide range of innovative solutions that may be appropriate for storefronts.


At Lincoln Lock & Safe, we take pride in safeguarding homes and businesses throughout Lancaster County, NE. We’ve served the area since 1965 and can handle everything from basic lock repairs to full installations. Whether you need to have a new lock or safe installed or you require an emergency locksmith to help you regain access to your home or business, trust our team. Visit our website to view our list of services. Or call (402) 475-0002 to schedule an appointment today.

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