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How to Prepare for a Networking Conference September 10, 2019

Henrietta, Monroe
How to Prepare for a Networking Conference, Henrietta, New York

Networking conferences offer opportunities to advance your career while also conferring with your peers. It’s important to be prepared with plenty of business cards and other marketing materials when attending a conference. The following pre-conference guide will help you enter any event fully prepared and ready to make a stunning first impression.

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Networking Potential

1. Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Bland or boring business cards won’t help you get noticed. Draw attention by ensuring yours make an impression. Opt for a thicker, higher quality paper, which will have a more pleasing tactility. For additional elegance, add a special finish, such as foil blocking or inks with a metallic sheen. Imbue your card design with a bit of personality by adding splashes of color, a special logo, or unusual yet legible typography. Your graphic design specialist will help you achieve a look that sets you apart from the competition. 

2. Invest in Promotional Materials

business cardsAlong with business cards, hand out fun promotional materials like magnets and stickers. These items are ideal for branding purposes, as they’re a versatile yet surprising and memorable way to transfer your business name and information to interested parties. They have a functional use and staying power, which will help you stay in the minds of your potential connections long after the conference has wrapped up.

3. Unify Your Print & Digital Presences

After investing in quality graphic design to make your business cards, brochures, and handouts stand out, take your online profiles to the next level. Update your contact information and any visual branding, such as logos and typefaces, to be consistent with your printed materials. This way, the people you meet will be certain that your website and social media match the information you gave them at the networking event. 


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