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How Do I Maintain My Standby Generator? February 16, 2019

Wilton, Fairfield County
How Do I Maintain My Standby Generator?, Wilton, Connecticut

When power outages occur, having a standby generator by your side can help save you from many inconveniences and dangers—such as having no heating service in the winter. But if it’s been a while since you’ve used your backup power source, it might not work as well as it should the next time you fire it up. That’s why it’s critical to keep your equipment maintained—even if you’re not using it. To help you avoid emergency situations, here’s what you should know about maintaining your standby generator.

What Happens if You Don’t Maintain Your Generator?

The biggest risk of not servicing a generator is that it will fail to start when you need backup power. Without this energy source, your home or business will be left without the use of electric appliances and heating service. But even if your equipment does power on, there are many other problems you may encounter due to poor maintenance.

heating serviceFor example, internal components may not be fully operable, resulting in energy inefficiency. In other cases, the equipment may present serious safety risks—including fire and electrocution dangers. Failing to maintain a generator regularly can also cause premature wear and tear that dramatically shortens the system’s service life.

How & When Should You Maintain a Generator?


To keep your generator in its best condition, power it up at least once a week to make sure it can run without any issues. If you experience any errors or detect any fluid leaks, seek out repairs. Also, be sure that the equipment has enough fuel—such as diesel or propane.


Every month, make sure the engine has a proper amount of engine coolant and oil to ensure all parts are properly lubricated and not at risk of overheating. If you haven’t performed weekly power tests, run the equipment at this point as well.


You should give your generator a more in-depth inspection about once every six months. Specifically, make sure the battery, electric cables, fluid lines, fuel system, exhaust components, and drive belts are all intact and functional. Now is also a good time to clean debris from any dirty components—such as the air cleaner.  


Every year, change out the oil, fuel, and air filters. If needed, change the oil and flush the coolant. Spark plugs should also be replaced. If you rely on diesel, test and recondition the fuel.  


When it comes to being prepared, a well-maintained generator must also be backed by a reliable fuel supply. That’s why Servco Oil & Propane is committed to providing reliable fuel delivery services throughout lower Fairfield County and the surrounding areas. Focused on simplicity, they offer on-time and automatic deliveries of heating oil and propane for all needs. In addition to fuel delivery, these technicians also offer comprehensive heating service and repairs to ensure your equipment is ready to work year-round. Visit this company online to learn more about their capabilities or call (203) 762-7994 to schedule heating service.

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