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How Cold Weather Impacts Cracked Windshields January 9, 2019

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How Cold Weather Impacts Cracked Windshields, Hastings, Nebraska

Windshields are there to protect you from the elements and make sure that you can see as you drive. However, falling rocks or debris can chip or crack the glass, obstructing your vision and creating unsafe driving conditions. Even the smallest chips or cracks can grow larger over time, especially during the winter months. Here’s an explanation about how winter weather can make an impact on your windshield.

What You Should Know About Windshields & Cold Weather

The Glass Expands & Contracts

Auto glass expands and contracts slightly when the temperature shifts. This comes into play when the temperature outside is frigid, and you turn on your heat. If you go into the winter with a crack or chip, it can expand as the different pieces of glass shift.

It Adds Extra Pressure & Moisture

windshieldsIce and snow can put a lot of extra weight and stress on the windshield. The moisture can also make its way into a crack or chip to weaken the structure. At this point, an ice scraper will exacerbate the issue even further.

It’s Harder to Fix in Cold Weather

To fix a small crack in your windshield, add a resin or another bonding agent to the surface. The resin takes longer to harden in the cold weather, so it can be more difficult to repair chips at the source. If at all possible, it’s best to fix those chips or cracks before winter, or you may need to replace the whole panel.


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