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3 Steps to Follow After Taking Your Dog for a Walk January 9, 2019

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3 Steps to Follow After Taking Your Dog for a Walk, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Taking your dog for frequent walks goes a long way in keeping them active and healthy. The benefits don’t have to end once you get back inside, however. With a few simple care tactics, you can continue to support your dog’s well-being even after the walk is over. Caring for their skin and coat, for instance, will make pet grooming simpler and more efficient. Discover some practical pet care tips to perform after walks below.

3 Pet Grooming Steps to Take After Walking Your Dog

1. Wipe Their Paws

Keep a water spray bottle and towels near your door for when you arrive home. Spray your dog’s paws, and clean in between their toes. The hair on your dog’s paws can form painful ice balls from being outside during winter walks. Be sure to scrub off road agents and salt spreads from the roads, which can lead to irritation. In doing so, you’ll also prevent your pup from ingesting any chemicals they’d otherwise lick off. Plus, this simple yet quick pet grooming trick will also keep your home clean of muddy paw prints.

2. Brush Out Any Knots

pet groomingRegular brushing after especially long walks keeps your pet’s coat clean in between pet grooming sessions. After walking, remove debris such as twigs and leaves that have gotten lodged or tangled in your dog's coat. Tease out any knots with your fingers before wetting your dog down to prevent matting. Entangled debris can become more difficult to work out of fur when it becomes wet.

3. Provide Water or a Small Treat

Reward your dog for their long walk, and provide them with a small treat and a drink of water. Long bouts of exercise could cause dehydration, and it’s important to make sure your dog has plenty of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Wait about thirty minutes after your walk before you feed them, and always wait at least an hour after feeding to take them on long walks. This prevents digestive complications and boating.


If you’re a dog owner in Licking County, OH seeking quality pet care for your pup, turn to Petplex Animal Hospital. These veterinarians provide comprehensive pet care services including exams, vaccinations, and even mobile pet grooming. Learn more about what their grooming services entail by visiting their website or call (740) 929-3300 to schedule an appointment.

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