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4 Accent Pieces That Can Change the Look of Your Living Room January 9, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Accent Pieces That Can Change the Look of Your Living Room, Lincoln, Nebraska

In most homes, the living room is the heart of family life: a place to relax, spend time together, or enjoy a favorite TV show or a good movie. It can also be an area to show off your own personal style. Below are four ideas for home decor accessories that will enhance your living room by adding a signature flair.

Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

1. LCD Candles

LCD candles are an affordable way to add ambiance and atmosphere to any living space. Many LCD candles come with built-in timers, giving you the freedom to determine when they come on and shut off. These types of candles are especially ideal for homes with pets or small children since they don't pose a fire hazard.

2. Wall Clocks

home decor A wall clock serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Not only does it offer a convenient way of keeping tabs on the time, but it can make a statement as well. Consider a large clock with oversized hands and numbers that will become a focal point of the room or a smaller, elegant one that will fit into any home decor style.

3. Vases

Like wall clocks, vases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to best meet the needs of your room. Large, freestanding floor vases are dramatic and bold while a clear-glass, tabletop vase filled with fresh or artificial flowers adds a touch of the outdoors.

4. Shelving

The shelving in a living room can hold anything from plants to knickknacks, any one of which could be a conversation starter. Don't be afraid to choose shelving that might be a little more modern and nontraditional. Paint the interior of a bookshelf for an unexpected pop of color or opt for a ladder-style shelf for a bit of whimsy.


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