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4 Tips for Protecting Your Residential Water System This Winter January 2, 2019

Oconto Falls, Oconto
4 Tips for Protecting Your Residential Water System This Winter, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Protecting the residential water system from pollution is a year-round task, with specific steps necessary during the winter. De-icing chemicals are among the wintertime pollutants that can contaminate these systems and cause health problems for area residents. Help your residential water system stay pure this winter with these tips.

How to Protect Your Residential Water Quality During the Winter

1. Use Biodegradable De-icers

Opt for natural, biodegradable de-icing products over chemical, litter, and sand options that can clog sewers and pollute water. Sugar beet juice, alfalfa meal, and calcium magnesium acetate all melt snow and ice effectively without contaminating residential water systems.

2. Maintain Your Septic System

Get your septic tank pumped every two to five years, depending on factors such as the number of people living in your home. Also, familiarize yourself with the signs of impending tank failure, such as sewage odors and plumbing backups. Keep in mind that some septic failure signs are not visible when snow is present, such as overly green, lush drain field grass. Overloaded septic tanks can crack and contaminate groundwater.

3. Take Your Vehicle to the Car Wash

residential water systemKeep dirty snow and de-icing products off of your vehicle paint this winter by taking it to the car wash instead of cleaning it at home. This prevents chemical products from flowing into storm drains and polluting residential water systems.

4. Shovel Early

Shovel the snow on your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways frequently throughout the season. Try to get to it as soon as it finishes snowing to further reduce the need for de-icers. Shoveling early and frequently also keeps snow from piling up and requiring more effort to remove.


Get professional help maintaining your residential water system at Luisier Drilling. The Oconto Falls, WI-based company has provided residents throughout the region with well drilling and water system installation services since 1936; all wells come with a 10-year guarantee. Call (920) 848-5239 today to schedule an appointment, or visit the team online for more service information.

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