Upper West Side, New York

Are You Up for the Job? January 2, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Are You Up for the Job?, Manhattan, New York

Apparently, 80% of people have work schedules that clash with their internal clocks. https://nyti.ms/2LEVMey  And, if that wasn’t bad enough, reportedly 97% of workers have at least one risk factor for fatigue. If you find yourself dragging to work each morning at 8 AM or falling asleep at meetings, you are not alone. NYC lawyers who customarily arrive at work no earlier than 9:30 may be on to something. Southwest Airlines allows pilots to choose between morning and evening flight schedules. As you enter the New Year, consider whether you are literally up for the job. If not, see if you can experiment a bit and, in doing so, get more done in less time.

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