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4 Kinds of Toilets for Your Bathroom January 10, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
4 Kinds of Toilets for Your Bathroom, Cincinnati, Ohio

Toilets are a necessary fixture in your bathroom. Choosing the right commode means finding one that fits your family’s needs and comfort. It should also match your restroom’s décor and style. Knowing your options will help you make the best decision.

Which Toilet Is Right for Your Bathroom?

1. One-Piece

One of the biggest perks of a one-piece toilet is the easy installation since there is only one component to set. They’re also easy to clean and durable, and their lower construction makes them a good option for any family member. One-piece toilets also provide a modern feel and are compact enough for even smaller bathrooms.

toilets2. Wall-Mounted

The best option for a small bathroom is a wall-hung toilet. Since their tank is installed inside the wall and the bowl is mounted, they take up less space. A sleek, contemporary choice, their design opens up location possibilities as long as a water source is close enough. Wall-hung toilets are an investment, however, and repairs to the tank must be handled by a professional since the parts are inside the wall.

3. Two-Piece

Two-piece toilets are comprised of a tank and a bowl that are separate components attached during installation. This style is the most common type found in homes and is usually higher than a one-piece design, making it more suited for adult users. Since they are so popular, they are cost-effective and easy to repair and maintain.

4. Smart Toilet

Like many other plumbing supplies and home fixtures, toilets have also seen technological advancements in the form of smart commodes. These options feature heated seats, automated flushers, self-cleaning options, and motion-sensor lighting. Some designs even have a bidet feature, warm air dryer, and deodorizing seats for cleaning and sanitizing after use.


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