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Is Dry Ice Blasting Safe for the Environment? January 10, 2019

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Is Dry Ice Blasting Safe for the Environment?, Scarsdale, New York

While there are many advanced cleaning solutions available today, not all are necessarily safe for the environment. Many formulas used in surface restoration and industrial sanitization involve the use of hazardous chemicals that not only pose a risk to public health but may damage the environment as well. That’s why more and more eco-conscious consumers and business owners are turning to dry ice blasting as a versatile, environmentally safe cleaning method. To illustrate the benefits of this technology, here’s what you should know about this media blasting service and the minimal impact it makes.  

Dry Ice Blasting & Environmental Safety

How Does the Technique Work?

Dry ice blasting is a unique cleaning method in which a professional uses special equipment to eject carbon dioxide pellets at high speeds. When the pellets hit a contaminated surface, they evaporate and cause a reaction that forces all layers of dirt, grease, paint, and other types of buildup to break off of the underlying material.

Is Dry Ice Toxic?

dry ice blastingThe pellets used in dry ice blasting are made purely of carbon dioxide. As such, they contain no harsh chemicals that can pose a risk to human or environmental health. This makes it an ideal solution for cleaning industrial equipment in enclosed work areas or those used for food processing purposes.   

Does Dry Ice Blasting Harm the Atmosphere?

Although the carbon dioxide used in dry ice blasting does dissipate into the atmosphere, these gases are not harmful. In addition, pellets are made from recycled materials, eliminating the need for industrial processing that may contribute to damaging greenhouse gases.   

Will Dry Ice Blasting Produce Secondary Waste?

Whether used for historic building restoration or industrial equipment cleaning, dry ice blasting does not produce additional waste. Since the carbon dioxide evaporates, only the materials removed from the surface will produce waste. This benefit makes dry ice blasting a great alternative to other non-toxic restoration techniques, such as sandblasting and pressure washing.


If you want to discover the many advantages of this cleaning technique—and protect the environment at the same time—look no further than Dry Ice Blasting of Westchester. Trained, certified, and licensed under OSHA guidelines, this team is equipped to provide safe and effective media blasting services throughout the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts regions. Whether you need fast and easy graffiti removal or require in-depth industrial cleaning, these specialists will navigate the process in a stress-free, convenient, and affordable fashion. Visit this provider online to learn more about their capabilities or call the Westchester, NY, office at (914) 216-1998 to request an estimate and schedule service.

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