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3 Tips to Protect Leather Furniture From Pets January 7, 2019

Victor, Ontario
3 Tips to Protect Leather Furniture From Pets, Victor, New York

Pets love to relax and cozy up on furniture just as much as you do. Unfortunately, they can cause damage over time, especially to leather couches. Unsightly blemishes can require costly restorations, which is why it’s important to pet-proof your leather décor. Below are a few tips to ensure your pet can enjoy time with you without causing any damage.

How to Pet-Proof Your Leather Furniture

1. Use a Cover

Furniture covers are convenient, discreet slips that can provide a reliable barrier between your pet’s paws and the leather. However, keep in mind that they won’t protect against chewing. If you don’t want to use a full cover, place a sheet or blanket on your couch and train your pet to only sit on covered areas when they join you.

2. Use a Leather Protectant Spray

furnitureIf you plan on giving your pet furniture access, apply a leather protectant first. Leather is prone to damage from scratching, which is why you need an added layer of defense. A protectant will defend against scratches and will also prevent any skin oils from discoloring the leather or impacting its texture.

3. Keep Nails Trimmed

Trimming your pet’s nails increases their comfort and protects leather surfaces. The process requires care, experience, and the right tools. Cutting too far can cause bleeding and pain, which is why you should speak with your veterinarian about how to trim your pet’s nails properly. You should trim your dog’s nail every one to two months. 


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