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How Often You Should Change Your Child’s Shoes January 7, 2019

Enterprise, Clark
How Often You Should Change Your Child’s Shoes, Enterprise, Nevada

Children’s feet grow at an amazing pace, and it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that they are always wearing the right size shoe. Doing this protects them from stunted growth, injuries, and severe discomfort. You can expect to be buying new infant and toddler shoes regularly while they develop.

Guide to Sizing New Infant & Toddler Shoes

How Quickly Feet Grow

toddler shoesYour child’s feet will be growing continuously in their first 18 years, but the most significant growth occurs by the time they turn eight years old. In the first year, they will likely need shoes every two months. From ages one to three, they’ll grow up to 1.5 mm per month and up to one mm per month after that up to the age of six. After that, their feet will grow less than one mm per month, slowing down significantly between ages 12 and 18.

Boys’ feet tend to grow quicker than girls. Generally, you should measure for infant footwear every two months. Once their growth slows, you can measure for toddler shoes every three to four months. Speak with your pediatrician about how quickly your child’s feet are growing compared to the average, and measure them more often if they’re growing quickly.

How to Fit New Shoes

You should measure your child’s feet every time you buy them a new pair of shoes. If their feet are different sizes, always buy the appropriate sizing for the larger foot – it’s better to have too-large shoes than too-small ones. Do your fitting at the end of the day since this is the time of day that your child’s feet will be the most swollen.


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