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Should You Sell or Keep Your Antiques? February 4, 2019

Brighton, Monroe
Should You Sell or Keep Your Antiques?, Brighton, New York

Whether you’re an estate sale enthusiast or were given keepsakes from your grandparents, it’s likely you have a few antiques stowed around your house. While there are numerous benefits to holding onto such items, you might eventually consider selling them. If you’re torn, consider the following factors before you decide. 

3 Ways to Know If You Should Keep or Sell Your Antiques

1. Price

If you’re hoping to profit from the sale, you’ll want to ensure the item will yield a significant dollar amount. To ensure you’re not wasting time, take the antique to get appraised by an expert. They’ll consider the condition of the item, its age, its historical value, and its rarity to come up with a reasonable estimate of its worth.

2. Space

antiquesIf you’re thinking about keeping your priceless antique, make sure there’s a space in your home to display it. While antique china may simply need a shelf in a hutch, a piano will need a considerable amount of square footage. Keep this in mind when making your choice, as beautiful objects deserve to be openly admired and not simply stored in an attic or basement. 

3. Sentimentality

Even if you’ll make a pretty penny by selling your antique, it’s important to weigh this against the personal worth of the item. If an antique piece of jewelry or musical instrument has significant sentimental value, selling may not be your best option. Instead, keep it in the family for generations, leaving it to another relative on a special occasion or bequeathing it in your will.


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