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3 Ways to Spot Genuine Leather January 7, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
3 Ways to Spot Genuine Leather, Jacksonville East, Florida

Faux leather can be very convincing if you don’t know what to look for, but it will not be the same quality and will not get better with age as real leather does. Before you invest in a leather piece of American clothing, know how to check for yourself whether it is authentic. The simple strategies below will help you identify genuine leather like a seasoned professional.

An American Clothing Guide for Testing Leather

1. Look at the Label

A leather piece of American clothing will likely have a label indicating that it is authentic. The label will say something like “100% real leather,” “genuine leather,” “full grain leather,” or “top grain leather.” If the label does indicate what the material is at all or says that it is man-made, then it is faux.

2. Smell It

american clothingTrue leather has a distinctive smell that is impossible to recreate. You’ll only know what it is if you have smelled real leather before, so test this out on some products you know are authentic. Once you familiarize yourself with the scent, this may become the only test you need to identify the material.

3. Feel the Texture

Authentic leather may be either smooth or uneven, depending on the type. However, it will always be inconsistent in its texture because it is a natural material. A synthetic replica, on the other hand, will be smoother and its texture may repeat throughout the product. The real thing should also be cold to the touch.


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