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5 Fun Facts About Red Wine January 7, 2019

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
5 Fun Facts About Red Wine, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’re heading to the bar or lounge, you have plenty of drinks to choose from, including red wine. Invented over 6,000 years ago, wine remains one of the most popular alcoholic beverages throughout the western world. Here are a few pieces of trivia you didn’t know about this drink.

Red Wine Trivia

1. How Many Grapes?

LoungeWine is most commonly sold in 750-milliliter bottles, which equals about 25 fluid ounces or five standard glasses of wine. Each of these bottles takes two and a half pounds of grapes to produce.

2. Good for Your Heart

Red wine is high in antioxidants, a fact which may help reduce your risk of heart disease. As long as you drink in moderation, the polyphenols in the drink will help increase your HDL — good cholesterol — and promote heart health.

3. Young Reds vs. Old

One type of polyphenol — tannin — is especially concentrated in young wines. This antioxidant breaks down as the wine ages; so, if you’re looking for a health boost at the lounge, choose a young wine high in tannins like Nebbiolo or Cabernet Sauvignon.

4. Changing Colors

To get a rough idea of how old a red wine is, look at the color. Younger wines are dark red in color and lighten as they age. This is the exact opposite of white wines, which get darker and more yellow over time.

5. Fewer Sulfites

Sulfites are used as a preservative in many foods and are also a natural by-product of the wine-making process. The amount of sulfites in wine is highly regulated, and standards for red wine require a significantly lower concentration than for white wine.


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