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5 Animals You Can Only See on a Scuba Diving Trip December 31, 2018

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5 Animals You Can Only See on a Scuba Diving Trip, Kettering, Ohio

When you go on a scuba diving trip, you’ll be treated to the vibrant colors and fascinating sights of the ocean floor. This includes getting up close to a wide range of wildlife. Outside of an aquarium, the only way you’ll see these creatures is by getting in the water with them.

Creatures to Look for on a Scuba Diving Trip

1. Seahorse

Scuba Diving TripIf you’re looking for the cutest fish in the sea, the seahorse is a strong contender. Its curly tail and wide eyes are iconic. You may also run into its cousin, the sea dragon, whose long, leafy fins help it blend in with nearby seaweed.

2. Manta Ray

With their wide, flat bodies and fins, manta rays seem to fly through the water. Unlike the similar stingray, they don’t have dangerous barbs. In some cases, they’re known to have friendly interactions with divers, and may swim close to you out of curiosity.

3. Nudibranch

Also called sea slugs, nudibranches are some of the most colorful inhabitants of the ocean floor. They come in a wide array of brilliant colors and exciting patterns, brightening any diving trip.

4. Octopus

Known as one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, the octopus is also one of the most fascinating. Its ability to change colors, its unique movements, and its clever hunting techniques make it one of the most captivating sea creatures to watch.

5. Whale Shark

While it is a shark species, whale sharks won’t hurt divers; they’re a filter feeder only interested in plankton. Their large bodies, friendly faces, and distinctive spotted hides make them a favorite of many divers.


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