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5 Signs You Need Animal Removal Services January 7, 2019

Cleves, Miami
5 Signs You Need Animal Removal Services, Miami, Ohio

When wildlife gets into your attic, it’s more than an annoyance. Wild animals cause damage to your home and can make the space unsanitary and unsafe. Aside from actually seeing a critter, here are a few signs it’s time to call the ASAP Critter People.

How to Tell if You Need Animal Removal Services

1. Sounds / Noises

You may be able to hear animals moving around in your attic, especially while in your bedroom where the attic space is above your head.  Scratching, squeaking, scampering, unexplained thumps or crashes, as well as other noises can indicate an animal is present. These may occur at night or during the day, depending on what type of critter you may have.  

2. Entry Holes – Exterior Damages

Unless the animal entered through an open door or window, there is a hole in your home’s exterior.  Squirrels will chew holes to make their way to the warmth of your attic.  Raccoons damage exterior vents, damage shingles and claw away trim boards to gain access to your attic.  Soffits, dormers, and chimneys are also common nesting sites for squirrels and raccoons.  Professional animal removal services and quality repairs are a must when dealing with wildlife in your home or on your property.  Call the ASAP Critter People today for prompt, courteous and professional service.  

3. Droppings / Odors

Sometimes the first sign of an animal’s presence is noises.  Other times it’s the smell.  Based on where critters are nesting in your attic, how long they have been in your attic, and your sense of smell will determine whether or not you will smell the scent of animals in your home.   Squirrels or raccoons often use attics as latrines and deposit droppings and urine in your attic and will also soil your insulation.  Urine stains may soak through the drywall and become visible on the ceiling.   Below is a picture of raccoon feces in an attic.  

4. Damages / Clean Up

Aside from animal droppings and soiled insulation, critters often leave other signs of their presence behind.  After animal removal services, your attic should be inspected to determine if additional clean up services are necessary.  Nesting material and debris such as clothing, insulation, containers, scattered food, as well as the personal items you may have stored in your attic could be contaminated.  Contaminated items should be removed and properly disposed of.  Your attic space should also be disinfected to destroy any residual bacteria.  

5. Flickering Lights / Chewed Wires

This is a less common sign, but animals may disrupt or chew through wiring.  They chew on telephone lines and cause static in your phone.  They chew on the cable lines and disrupt your television.  They are also known to chew on the wiring that supplies electric to your overhead lights and security cameras.  This could cause your lights to flicker of quit working and your security system to fail.  Rodent teeth constantly grow so mice and squirrels chew on things.  Some house fires are due to chewed or frayed wiring.  “Critters in the attic” is sometimes the cause for unexplained house fires that start in the attic.  If you are experiencing these signs of critters, your attic should be inspected by a licensed electrician as well as the ASAP Critter People.  

If you see the signs of wildlife in your home, call A.S.A.P. Critter People for critter removal in Cincinnati, OH. Serving Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County and Warren County.  We have over 30 years of experience dealing with squirrels, raccoons, skunks, birds, bats, and more. Our team humanely removes unwanted wildlife from your home or property.  To schedule a services, call (513) 941-0258, or visit us online to learn more about our family owned and operated services.

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