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What Millennials Should Know About Skilled Trade Careers January 8, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
What Millennials Should Know About Skilled Trade Careers, Queens, New York

Often characterized as multi-taskers, millennials prefer working in industries where they can thrive and move up the ranks quickly, while still maintaining balance in their personal and professional lives. Skilled trade careers are appealing to this generation, as trade school programs offer hands-on training in different environments, with potential for fast career growth after graduating. To determine whether you will excel as an electrician, plumber, or another tradesperson, here is information about these types of careers.  

Why Should I Consider a Skilled Trade Profession?

Apart from the on-the-job training, enrolling in a trade school program is often more affordable than attending a four-year university. This reduces the likelihood of acquiring major debt in the form of student loans before entering the workforce.

These professions also come with increased job security. From solving plumbing problems to making sure home electricity is up to code, consumers will always need the services of skilled trade specialists. Additionally, many professions offer the opportunity to advance to senior positions, with greater earning potential with each new title.

How to Get Started on the Path to Success 

Long-Island-City-New-York-trade-school-programsThink about your personality traits and career goals and choose an industry that seems like the perfect fit. Electricians, for example, must be able to solve problems quickly and pay attention to detail to stay safe on the job. These skills are required of plumbers and construction workers too, but they might also need physical strength to lift heavy equipment.

Next, find a trade school program that suits your needs. If you want to enter the job market quickly, some certification programs can be completed in a few months while others might take a few years. Once you find a program, ask to shadow a class for a better idea of what you can expect. 


If you want to embark on a career as a plumbing specialist or electrical contractor, the educators at Berk Trade and Business School in Long Island City, NY, will provide a foundation to thrive in the chosen profession and share tips to help you land a great job. To learn more about trade school programs in the New York Metropolitan area, call (718) 729-0909. You can also visit the technical institute online for adult education information and Facebook to read student reviews. 

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